Essential equipments for new boxers

Boxing is a kind of entertainment sports. Tricks are not included of this entertainment. The scenes are real, thrill and fun. In every game, there is different right equipment needed, It is also the same with boxing. Here are the best boxing equipments for beginners.


The primary function of it is to protect your hands from any possible damage. It is because your hands are the primary part of your body to use in boxing. Your wrist and knuckles are the most critical parts that wrap protecting.

Boxing gloves

There are various sizes and types of boxing gloves. It is most important that beginners in boxing choose the best boxing gloves. The gloves must fit to the hands and comfortable for boxer’s hand. Losing the game and damage your hands are some possibilities for a boxer in choosing wrong gloves for his hands. If the boxing gloves are bigger than boxer’s hand, it is less damage of impact to opponent. In other hand, if boxing gloves are too small for boxer’s hand. It can cause bone fractures to boxer’s hand.

In addition, quality of boxing gloves is important to a newbie boxer. Are you going to buy for cheaper and refuse the better? It is not the price matter but a quality.


Boxing shoes Like choosing boxing gloves, boxing shoes must not short or big than your feet. Flexibility of your movement is great cause for winning. Do not buy cheaper boxing shoes. It is because the more good quality. The more it is lasting boxing shoes.

Jumping Rope

Boxer’s body must in good conditions always. Playing boxing is tiresome activities. Jumping rope equipment helps the boxer warm up his body for his workout. It is also helping your body to burn all calories, less breathless during fight and gain muscle in your legs.


It one of the most important that boxer equip to his body. Mouthpiece protects your teeth. “Prevention is better than cure”, this is always they advice for newbie boxers.

New Balance Men’s MR993 Running Shoe

If you are new to running, the idea of investing in shoes specifically made for running may not make much sense. You may wonder at the logic behind spending more on a pair of shoes you will only use for running when you can pick a bargain pair from a clearance sale. However, there are many good reasons why experts recommend that you choose a good pair of running shoes. Seasoned athletes and manufacturers of running shoes know how much stress the feet and legs have to endure whenever one runs or engages in active sports. This strain makes your feet vulnerable to injuries that can affect your health and performance. In addition, the type of running shoes you use can determine how comfortable you feel when running.

New Balance Men’s MR993 Running Shoe

Choosing the right running shoes helps to keep your feet healthy by reducing the risk of injury while making your running experience a breeze.

The variety of running shoes available to buyers is wide. However, running shoes are not made equal. The New Balance collection continues to uphold its heritage as one of the top brand names in running shoes. Its addition, the New Balance Men’s MR993 running shoe is made to enhance your performance and comfort. It combines superior features and materials that create a high performing shoe with an eye-catching design. Its Abzorb SBS and C-CAP midsole cushioning technology provides maximum shock absorption and comfort, protecting your forefoot and heels from injury. The midsole is made with Dupont Engage foam, which is about 12 percent lighter than the standard foam, making the shoe super lightweight yet exceptionally durable.

When it comes to offering stability, the New Balance Men’s MR993 running shoe scores highly, with its single-density PU post that helps to keep the runner stable. Its upper material is leather and mesh, which is durable and comfortable. Still on durability, the N-Durance rubber outsole is hard wearing while offering reliable traction on different surfaces for maximum support. The shoe also provides a higher resistance level from compression.

When choosing the best running shoe for flat feet runner, avoid picking the first shoe to catches your eye. It is extremely important to determine the type of your feet first to find a shoe that best matches your pattern of running. With running shoes, function should come before design or current fads when you are making your choice. One of the best things about the New Balance Men’s MR993 running shoe is that it incorporates superior materials and cushioning technology into an appealing design and is available in different colours. Bearing in mind the different feet types that determine the basic running patterns, the makers of these shoes have created different designs and sizes to suit every runner’s feet pronation.

The standard design, stability and cushioning in New Balance Men’s MR993 running shoe offers superior support to runners with mid or less pronation.

Whether you are an athlete seeking to enhance your performance or a runner looking for the best running shoes, the New balance MR993 men’s running shoes have all it takes to give you that much needed boost.

Top 5 Best Food Dehydrator For Your Home

Top 5 Great Food Dehydrator Machine

1. Nesco FD-75A


This Nesco model is a highly rated machine by many consumers. It has all of what you need in a small unit. The machine comes with a fan mounted on top, it is very convenient because the food will not spill on the fan, the fan will be safe from water comes from wet foods. Consequently, your dehydrator will be easier to clean thank to plastic materiel. The FD-75A can be expanded to twelve trays of 13” in diameter and provide up to 10 square feet of drying space, allows you to open big party for weekends. This commercial dehydrator also has a new airflow system called Converga – Flow. Combined this with 600 watts of power, the FD-75A can dry food in a short time and will not mix up the flavor. Your meals will be prepared in shortest time as possible. In addition, controlling the machine is easy. You can change the temperature level by turning the knob. However, this dehydrator also has some undeniable weaknesses. The circular stacking trays make it inconvenient to load food, compared with the rectangular trays. In addition the FD-75 has no timer or power switcher. Overall, this FD-75 is still a dehydrator with basic function, great look and good price.

2. Nesco FD-61WHC

Nesco FD-61WHC

The small dehydrator is one of the hottest item for small families or single. A plus point for FD-61WHC is its AIO Kit and Jerky Gun. You don’t need to buy other tools because it has everything in a kit, including the food dehydrator recipes also including in a kit. The units can be used to dry many different kinds of foods. Fruits, vegetable, and even jerky can be dried by this dehydrator. You are free to create your all diner meals or party out door just by adding more trays on it. This Nesco product can also be clean easily, since all the parts can be removed and installed quickly. This “snack master” comes with an external kit, whose is to block out lights while the food is being dehydrated, to make sure the food is still high in nutrition. Its power is rated at 500 watts, which enough for drying food and fast enough with standard option. However, besides the good penetrations, some users say that it still does not work quietly. The sound from the toolkit is loud but compared with other household appliances such as the washing machine, it can still be acceptable if you are not too sensitive. In conclusion, this dehydrator is still a recommended item.

3. Nesco FD-60

Nesco FD-60

Compared with the FD-61WHC dehydrator reviews above, there is no big difference overall. The biggest different is the lack of an all-in-one kit in this model. All basic features are included in this budget machine. That’s all you need for a good dehydrator. In another word, with small budget, you get a good, durable dehydrator with full of basic function. A power of 500 watts is enough for dehydrating home food. You can easily dry some veggies, fruits or meat in this FD-60. The machine also includes a top fan and Converga–Flow airflow technology, which has been seen on many Nesco dehydrators, giving us lots of conveniences. It can be expanded up to 12 trays and requires only a small area in your kitchen. Not a lot comparing with some products above but it still creates ability to open a celebration. The thermostat is fully adjustable, allowing for any suitable temperature between 95° to 160°F. This is the common range of most dehydrator of Nesco. However, the lack of a timer is a minus point in most Nesco dehydrator, and there is no exception with the FD-60. Overall, at this price, you can’t ask for more features but still has the durability.

4. Excalibur 3900B

Excalibur 3900B

Since dehydrated foods in supermarkets are not an option for customers any more, they turn towards using the best dehydrator to meet their own needs. Indeed, dehydrated foods made by yourselves meet your requirement immediately, they’re safe and protect your pocket. The Excalibur 3900B 9 Tray Deluxe Dehydrator is one such product that satisfies you with its features. It has 9 trays and 15 square feet of drying space – enough for whole big family of 5 or those who consume dehydrated foods every day. With Its design, there is no movement of food or tray during dehydration, which keeps you safe. Its accurate temperature control is good for drying foods like fruits, vegetables, flowers or arts. The Excalibur 3900B is safer, better, faster and easier to use. There’s no need to worry about yeast, mold and bacteria’s growth. When the air temperature goes up, the food’s surface is dehydrated; when the air temperature goes down, moisture inside the food moves to a drier surface. This not only creates a perfect environment for the activation of the enzymes, but also keeps the air temperature high enough to dehydrate foods and kill all yeast, bacteria, etc. It’s a really great product for your garden or big family.

5. Excalibur 2900ECB

Excalibur 2900ECB

With the rise of technology, human don’t have to care about wasting food thanks to the invention of Excalibur 2900ECB 9-Tray Economy Dehydrator. This product is the best food dryer and great for large families and gardens. This dehydrator provides 9 dehydrating trays and 15 square feet of drying space. Just one single device, you’re free to preserve great amount of foods for whole week. Though, it is quiet noisy but still less than the dishwater. The fan and the heating element are on the back wall of this unit versus on the bottom as in the case with other machines in your house. For this reason, the moisture stays out of the mechanical workings and does NOT affect their durability thanks to the qualified material. Besides, it dehydrates spare foods so you don’t have to buy them, therefore, saves your money. However, it is big and quiet bulky. You need to prepare a large space to put it on and be careful with its slim trays. Because they are easily broken when meet great impact. It isn’t a great option for small kitchen counter. The Excalibur is easy to clean and easy to use. You will have a satisfying experience of using it.

The Conclusion

Despite major dehydrator market, these dehydrator reviews were summarized the highlight products in 2014 – 2015. But of course, many other choices out there are available for you to choose. If you still hesitate and consider your truly demand, you should pay attention to some important information like power, adjustable thermostat, number of trays, fan location, other features, etc. If your kitchen is not too large, you should get a circular dehydrator. Or if your family does not have many people, you should buy a small dehydrator with 4-5 trays but still extensible to more trays in case you need. Finally, the clever decision is purchasing a best food dehydrator which is mainly base on your budget. So do not forget to compare their price alongside other utilities and good luck with your choice!